Friday, July 17, 2009

My Barren Bauble

Many of my friends’ husbands buy jewelry to reward/compensate/thank their wives for the nine months of carrying their child and the sometimes grueling birthing process. They proudly don their baby baubles – typically diamonds, charm bracelets with their child’s name or birthstones, or other jewels. I totally get that – it’s a nice gesture to commemorate the birth and give some props to the new mama.

And, now I have my own – a barren bauble.

After our heartbreak from our latest attempt at a bio baby, Jack Bauer bought me a gorgeous diamond pendant. It blew me off my feet – both because of his incredibly sweet and thoughtful act of kindness, but also because it was an amazing piece of jewelry.

I may not have the same war stories as my girlfriends who have been pregnant - swollen feet, back pain, stretch marks, 22 hours of labor or delivering a 9 pound + baby, but pumping yourself full of hormones, being told when to have sex, and having a vaginal ultrasound wand jabbed up your nether region every other day is no fun and games, either. Damn it. I deserve my barren bauble as much as they deserve their baby baubles.

Of course, I’d give up my bauble in a heartbeat, if I could have the baby.


  1. Your hubby is awesome. You totally deserve the pendant, and it sounds beautiful. Picture, please?

  2. I think that's fantastic and oh so well deserved. Enjoy it immensely!!!

  3. Some people we know were talking about "push gifts." I asked my husband what he thought, and he said, "We already spent all our money trying to get pregnant." Then he said, "Shouldn't the baby be enough?" Can't argue with that.

    But enjoy your barren bauble!

  4. Oh, forgot to mention... Happy ICLW!