Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nauseated, but not 'cause I'm pregnant

Seriously, if one more Facebook friend posts a "so excited about school starting"; "I can't believe little Suzy is in the third grade"; "saw my baby off on the bus" or "I'm going to miss the lazy summer days," I may just puke.

My lil' ol' barren uterus and bitter lil' brain just can't take one more status update like that. I think I need to retaliate, but with what kind of comment? Something subtly snarky would be good. Perhaps I should mention that instead of buying school supplies, I bought a sweet pair of red patent-leather wedges; that instead of going to meet my kid's teacher, I went to the hot new restaurant in town; that instead of prying my kid out of bed in the morning, I got a few more minutes in at the gym.

Yep, you got it. Really I'm just a wee bit jealous. Damn fertiles. If only I could pry my way from Facebook for the next week or so, I could probably put myself out of my misery. Yeah, like that will happen.


  1. You're not alone. :( I hate those days too. Soon it won't just be status updates by pictures of their kids first day of school.

    I think I'll post pictures of my cat the same day they post pics of their kid.

  2. I’m sorry, girl. I know it hurts seeing all those post updates on FB. That dang social network is such a great way to keep in touch with people, but it can sure suck when things like that pop up on the newsfeed.

  3. You can say, "instead of being excited school is starting, I wish I had a child send to school....instead of not being able to believe that my little one is in third grade, I can't believe how long I have been without a child in my life....if only I had a baby to see off to the bus."

    Granted, what I would say probably wouldn't be well received, but sometimes I feel the truth should be spoken loudly, even if It's offensive.

  4. FB is a killer. It's a tough addiction to break, but if you can do it go for it. It's been almost 6 months since I've logged on. People in real life have asked if I was okay because they haven't seen me on FB recently. It's been liberating. Good luck!

  5. It's the belly shots, the ultra sound photos, and the "complaints" about getting bigger that get to me. I just remove them from my newsfeed. It still hurts though.

  6. I am gonna puke if I see one more first day of school photo. I keep thinking - " couldn't find a cuter outfit for your kid to wear or couldn't style their hair any better than that for thier first day." ya - I do feel bad for thinking these things but it did make me laugh.

  7. Oh, am I picking up what you're putting down.

    It's everywhere and there's no escape.

  8. Just found your blog...

    I had a FB friend (from high school that I barely knew)post a picture of someone's pregnant belly along with a cell phone number yesterday. I thought about asking if he was selling.

    But, yeah, with you on the FB posts. And if I see one more ultrasound profile picture...