Saturday, June 5, 2010

I hate math

I hate math. I was an English and Asian Studies major. Perhaps that's why these numbers bother me so much:

37 years of age
12.5 years of marriage
6 years trying to conceive
73 cycles trying to conceive
611 pre-natal vitamins
55 ovulation detection tests
16 pregnancy tests
33 blood draws and ultrasounds
Tens of thousands of dollars (I’m too scared about the actual number that I won’t disclose it)
3 ovulation induction cycles
66 fertility drug injections
22 eggs
3 IVF transfers
10 embryos
0 pregnancies
1 embryo transfer to an amazing gestational carrier
16 times fingerprinted
1 30-month old boy waiting for his parents in Vietnam
124 pages of adoption dossier
709 days waiting for matched baby in Vietnam
Scores of family and friends who give constant love support and love
500 (at least) incidents of hilarity and humor from dealing with infertility
1 awesome husband, without whom I would have gone crazy
That just about sums it up.

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