Friday, July 9, 2010

Lurking in my bathroom vanity drawer

I just went looking for some triple antibiotic cream for a little cut on my face (I sound attractive, don't I?). I dug through two different drawers full of expired prescriptions, hair products missing the spray nozzles, some bikini wax that I'm too scared to try, and various tubes of half-used lotions that I have probably had since the Clinton administration.

And then, beneath a box of mineral-based make-up, I found an old box of Crinone progesterone gel complete with a bright green "for vaginal use only" sticker (just in case I decided to squirt it up my nose or in my ears.)

"Hello, old friend," I thought to myself. "My how you have failed me."

I picked up the box and checked the expiration date, and it still has about six months left, but it's been more than two years since I was using it during an IVF cycle.

I'm pretty sure I kept it in case I knew of anyone who was going through fertility treatments. I think it cost at least $50 for the box, so I was hoping to save someone some money. I once offered it to some people at a Resolve meeting, but they all looked at me funny. What?! I'm just trying to put some more bucks in your pocket instead of into your, um...well... you know.

So, there it sits. I couldn't bring myself to throw it away, knowing that it still has some life left. So, if there's anyone out there who could use it, let me know and I'll be happy to mail it to you.

I never did find the antibiotic cream for my cut.


  1. That is waaaay too funny!

    And I too have lotion that may be as old as yours.

  2. It's like a time capsule, isn't it?! The other day I found some, ahem, feminine hygiene products that I know were several years old. I know that because good ol' AF doesn't visit me on her own and we stopped TTC in April '08! In a way I longed to need them again, as nutty as that is.

  3. I have all of my leftover meds too. There really should be a place that they could be donated and then redistributed instead of just thrown away. I hope you find someone that can use it.

  4. I went through my linen closet baskets a few months ago and found tons a bunch of lov.enox shots and anticeptic wipes. I haven't used those things in over three years. It made me feel bad to see them. I finally through everything away.

  5. here from the blog roundup..

    this post felt I've done it myself. I have a box of stuff like needles, a Follistim pen etc..I did donate all my crinone and drugs that I didn't use back to our clinic. However, I know that looking at all the stuff I have left always leaves me a little sad.

  6. Ah...too true. I still have Gonal pens in my bottom fridge drawer...from my last cycle two years ago. When cleaning my bathroom closet (finally) I found a stray bottle of Lupron from 2003. The Gonal is past it's expiration date, but I never seem to get around to chucking it. I really wish I knew why.

  7. great post. i have a bunch of old syringes and needles i need to get rid of too. i don't need any cream, but thanks for the offer. :)