Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Rude Awakening

Last week while doing some last-minute Father's Day shopping at one of my favorite retail establishments, I was rudely awakened out of my sickly stupor.

I was fighting a sinus infection, but had to get out and pick up a few things. As I was on cold medicine, some details are foggy, but others are crystal clear.

For some reason while the cashier was checking me out, she mentioned the fact that she had two teenagers, (it had to be the Sudafed talking and not me. Seriously, why did I engage a discussion with this person?), and stupid me said that she looked too young to have children that age.

She said, "Yeah, and I'm going to be a grandma in November. My 18-year old son's girlfriend is pregnant. I just turned 38."

My jaw dropped right there on the check-out counter and I found myself speechless. I told her that I was six months older than she was and that I didn't even have kids (well, I didn't want to explain my adopted son in Vietnam).

She didn't find it that strange at all and continued to tell me details that made me ill - "Well, at least I'm not the girl's mom. She'll be the one that has to take care of the kid." Lovely. Another episode of Teen Mom just waiting to happen.

I took my purchase and numbly walked out the door, shaking my head and once again questioning why it's been so damn hard for me (and other good, responsible women) to be a mom.


  1. Ugh...that sooo sucks.

    I hate it when you find stuff out like that, that pisses you off.


  2. It's such BS. My husband and I were at a festival yesterday and I was amazed at home many teenagers were pushing strollers. I just don't get it AT.ALL!

  3. I think I would've ended up in jail had I been there!! People like that...I just....really really can't stand it!

  4. Uggh. I wish people knew how lucky they were.

  5. It's always nice when the universe serves up a nice smack in the face like that. A grandmother at 38??? Well, at least she doesn't have to take care of it. Crazy.