Monday, January 23, 2012

Year of the Dragon

Just read an article saying that more Chinese couples are trying to get pregnant right now so that they can have a child in the Year of the Dragon. In fact, they are even undergoing fertility treatments so that they have an even better chance to conceive.

Wow - that's pushing it in my opinion. Can't imagine choosing to go on follistims, estrogen or the worst, testosterone, just to have a child within a 12-month period. Oh, wait a minute, I did do that - it's just that it was because I wanted a baby as soon as possible, not to have one within a certain time of year.

I also can't imagine shelling out the big bucks to get pregnant unless it was my only option (which it was - and yet still didn't work).

The dragon is the creme de la creme of Chinese zodiac symbols. It's lucky to be born in that year and the child has a better chance of success and be powerful.

Of course, I was born in the year of the rat, so I don't think I have much leverage. Perhaps if you're born in the rodent's year, you are more likely not to ever conceive. Two years ago was the year of the rabbit, and I've got to believe those are some people who can easily multiply.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

We are a family of three!

After seven years of trying to get pregnant and 1,291 days of waiting to adopt our little boy from Vietnam, on Christmas Day 2011, we became a family of three.

We were in Vietnam for five weeks waiting for this miracle to happen. We had some pretty bleak and desperate moments in our journey to bring a child into our lives, but I can adamantly say, he was well worth the wait.

Although we are incredibly blessed and I feel adoption was how our family was supposed to be made whole, infertility will always be part of who I am. Granted, it is now safely on the backburner and I never expect it to be front and center again.

And, because I have a very adorable and active 4-year old at home, my blogging about infertility will be quite limited from now on. I plan to continue to blog about infertility when I have time or a good topic comes to mind that I just can't resist giving my two cents worth. In the meantime, please peruse former blog entries - most of them are pretty evergreen.