Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Monkey Baby AKA These people are bananas

Has anyone else seen a preview for this ridiculous show?  Or better yet, did you watch it?  I mean, c'mon. 

Apparently, an estimated 15,000 monkeys live as surrogate children within American families (at least according to a celebrity news Web site that I just checked out).  And, My Monkey Baby is a new reality show on TLC that features a few families who live with the capuchins as if they are their own children.  I have only seen the previews, but that's more than enough for me to pass some judgment. 

I will fully admit that I love my pets as much (if not more) than most people love their children, and quite frankly, I don't see anything wrong with that, within reason.  But, I do not dress up my cats in baby clothes, put my dog in a baby carriage and stroll her around as if she's a child (though at 65 lbs. I'm not sure she'd fit in one) or have a nursery just for my kitties.  However, these people do those things and many, many others for their monkeys.

I may want a child pretty darn badly, but please, please, please, I beg you to force me to see a therapist, if I ever have thoughts of taking a monkey into a Gymboree.

For me, this is beyond bizarre.  But, apparently the concept for the show started in Great Britain and did well enough that the US has its own version now.  I'm telling you, if people want to see some good drama, they should videotape women stabbing their stomachs with fertility drugs or their husbands jabbing a huge needle into their wives' butts.  Then show the crazy mood swings that ensue.  Or, they could show how we hit rock bottom when we get the phone call from the lab that our beta is 0.  Now that's TV I'd watch.


  1. That is so sad, I don't even want to watch the show.
    I saw a lady at a PetSmart pushing her little puppy in diapers! around the store in a stroller!! Before I could help myself I asked her why she had her dog in diapers and she said "well, he's just a puppy and he's not potty trained yet" I told her the dog would probably never be house broken! if she kept it in diapers (I know evil, was kind of a PMS witch that day).
    I'm nuts about my furry babies too, but there has to be limits to the madness.

  2. Sometimes I think I am a crazy dog lady myself, but there are limits. Why on earth would you push a puppy wearing diapers in a stroller in a Petsmart?!!!! How about training it to go outside?! Or maybe on a puppy pad or paper? And hey, while you're at, make it use the legs it was given so that it has strength to run away from her!

  3. I saw the preview - it was definitely extreme. But then again, if it makes them happy... They aren't hurting anyone...

  4. I saw a few minutes of that show last week and seriously thought it was a joke... It was dinner time and the monkey was clothed and seated in a highchair. Sick, sick sick! Don't worry, I will personally drive you to a therapist if your pet love even comes close to this level of insanity.