Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sprinkles on top

I have the best girlfriends in the world.  And the ones that I'm specifically referring to are three that I've known since high school, one that I've known since college and one that I have known for 30 years - since the first grade.

And, last night they gave me a surprise mini-baby shower/travel send off.  It was totally unexpected, but very typical of how they are.  I've ranted about how I've never gotten a shower before, but this erased all of that. 

For the last 15+ years, we have been each others cheerleaders, crutches, and confidants.  We've held each other's hair back when we've thrown up from drinking too much; we've slammed on ex-boyfriends who wrongly broke up with us; we've stood at the alter for each other during our weddings; and we've wept with joy at the births of children (or the lack thereof).   These are my ya-ya sisters (and my sister fits this category too, for sure - but raving about her deserves a whole other posting). 

And, I know that, if we're fornuate enough to bring our baby boy home from Vietnam, they'll be waiting at the airport to welcome him to his new home, and they're a huge part of that -- my home.

To my amazing girlfriends, I love you dearly and life is better because of you.


  1. And we have the most amazing girlfriend. One who hugged us and asked for monthly updates during the six pregnancies that occurred when her pregnancy tests were negative. One who happily shopped with us in Pottery Barn Kids and Gymboree for our kids while hers is a world away in in Vietnam. One who has loved our children while longing for her own.

    And if Nate is able to come home with you, he will be united with the most amazing mother -- one who is generous, intelligent, strong, witty and loving. One who is putting his needs before her own fears. We'll be saying extra prayers for all three of you in a few weeks.

    Love you, Lulu!!!

  2. Well deserved and congrats on your first shower!

  3. I love you guys too. Sitting here crying like a baby at your beautiful words - they will help me get through the next few weeks!