Monday, February 8, 2010

A little class, please

You may have noticed the ad to the right of my column for the Infertility eClass. In her brilliance and creativity, my dear friend, the Infertile Mind, is putting together her second eclass on infertility. The first one "Surviving the Hellidays" was a raging success, so she's now offering a shortened version of the class - and it's free. Yours truly will be the sidekick to the Infertile Mind in this class - a Robin to her Batman, a Tonto to her Lone Ranger.

Anyway, it is a very interesting and healthy way to get out some of the frustrations, emotions and dreams that many of us infertiles have - that no one else understands. Commentary from the last class was refreshingly honest, poignant, creative, sometimes even sarcastic and bitter. The beauty of it is that there are no judgements within the class, and I've never found another place, where everyone else "gets" exactly where I'm coming from so clearly.

Seems like every assignment I did or others did, I could feel myself nodding and saying, "You got that right, sister!"

So, take a peek at the Web site, and seriously consider taking some time to do something for yourself in March.

I hate to be too hokey, but March brings new life with Spring, and if you have had a crappy winter, this might be just the thing.


  1. Ooooh! I'm gonna check it out! I couldn't to pay for the original one so this is perfect! Thank you :)