Sunday, April 4, 2010

Eggstraordinary talk about eggs

I'm a big fan of Easter, and always have been. Of course, the religious significance is magnificent, but as a child, Easter also meant the beginning of warm weather, a basket full of goodies (especially the Peeps) and a big family get-together at my grandparents' farm.

But, all this talk about dyeing hard-boiled ovals and plastic ones with goodies in the middle, makes me think of my own faulty ova. And, the focus on kids doesn't help, either.

You might think about an egg retrieval like an Easter egg hunt. When I had my egg retrieval, my basket was overflowing with lovelies - 23 to be exact. Just like a child, all the other infertiles peered jealously at my motherload. The Easter Bunny was good to me.

But, none of my eggs resulted in any chicks. So, instead, I surround myself with eggs from Cadbury, Reeces and Godiva.

And, speaking of the EB, rabbits are known their active and rapid reproduction. So, even though I'm a fan of any and all candy, I'd rather have the Easter Bunny bring me some strong fertility vibes.

Oh well, just pop another chocolate rabbit, bag of jelly beans, box of Peeps, or all of the above and blame it on me.


  1. This is such a great post, the references to Easter and IF I never thought of it that way, but so damn true and cute in a sad/funny way. Have a great one and have a few godiva eggs for me, OMG how I would LOVE one right about now....and teh simple reeses peanut butter eggs, I used to LOVE those too.

  2. Girl, I'm doing the same thing. I think I'm almost in a diabetic coma from all of this chocolate!

    I agree with you about the focus on seems as if every holiday is that way. I'm sooo not looking forward to Mother's Day again. I dread it!

  3. Hello, I am visiting from ICLW and I am an it is very interesting for me to see what women are blogging about their experiences with their doctors & clinics. I cannot understand why you ended up with so many eggs & none fertilized, were they immature? If so, your doc might be able to readjust his treatment protocol with you allowing for more mature follicles the next time around & possible success. You are still in your thirties (I have 40 somethings that succeed) so that is a big plus in your favor. A side note, my wife & I also suffered from infertility ironically, 12 years of trying, IUI's, and finally IVF. At 38 she got her BFP with her first IVF and only a few embryos. Good luck and don't give up, you need to keep trying! ICLW #7

  4. That's a fascinating way to look at Easter.

    I'm still eating Easter chocolates...


  5. I never thought of all of those Easter/IF comparisons, before. Good thing for the chocolate eggs!

  6. The whole reason we associate eggs and bunnies with Easter is because of fertility and new life, right? So even Easter, which should be the most joy-filled holiday, can bring pangs of sadness to us infertiles because we're jealous of the rabbits! How crazy we are.