Sunday, November 28, 2010

I think we've crossed the line to 'crazy animal people'

I knew it would happen. Just knew it.

We volunteer with a local Labrador rescue group; it's how we got our dog Ellie. They run an absolutely amazing organization and have saved more than 1,000 dogs over the last three years. Last week they had an emergency - three labs were at a high kill shelter and about to be put down. So, despite our mixed up and wacky life right now, we decided to take in one of the dogs to foster. Yes, that's right, I said, "foster," meaning to take care of temporarily until someone decides to adopt. hahahahahahaha....

Umm...yeah... we now have two dogs.

There's no way we could give up this special little girl. She's actually better behaved than Ellie and since progress with getting our son home is slow and scary, we have opened our hearts to yet another four-legged "child." That's a total of five for us - two yellow Labs and three cats.

You might recall that I just brought cat number three home from China back in July. Jack said that four cats was crossing the crazy cat people line. So, instead, we've crossed it with a dog that, at least weight-wise, would be the equivalent of four more cats.

So, despite our new status as "manic pet adopters" or whatever other moniker you'd like to give us. Our house is clean, and, for the moment, quiet. Actually, Hermione, the new dog, seems to be at least 4-5 years old, and she is incredibly calm.

Even my sweet and sensitive eight-year old nephew called our decision in to question, "Aunt Lu, how are you going to manage two big dogs and three cats and Nate?" Boy, I can't wait to find out.

Of course, at this rate, we'll have another couple pets within the year. I'm hoping the next one is a horse.

I wrote a blog about "Adding Cats Instead of Kids" a few months ago after we adopted our newest cat. One of my theories is that infertiles who want children have a lot of love to give, so they have furbabies to parent, spoil and adore, until the human version arrives.

I guess Jack and I are in "wanting a child" overdrive. I promise not to end up on Animal Hoarders, though.


  1. I totally understand. I have been trying for over 10 years (even have changed husbands in the process) and have recently found out that even after surgery I won't be able to conceive even with an egg donor. We are just starting the process for adoption and/or fostering but are running into obstacles there too. In the meantime, I have 2 poodle puppies and a cat. THEY are my babies. They are what help keep me sane through all the grief. If it wasn't for my husband though, I'd probably have a lot more "furry 4 legged kids" but he keeps me in check.

  2. I assume you know this already, but you are one of the top stories on today!! Great job. :)

  3. Just read the article on AOL. Good luck on your baby from Vietnam. We have inquired about a baby from the LaKota Indian tribe, and keep hitting a brick wall....

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  4. I found you through AOL and am so glad I did. We have struggled for 9 yrs. As I face the holidays I am finding myself immobilized with grief over our latest set back. I'm glad I found your blog.

  5. "One of my theories is that infertiles who want children have a lot of love to give, so they have furbabies to parent, spoil and adore, until the human version arrives."

    This is so true. We have 10 sugar gliders, 4 cats, 2 dogs and 2 bunnies... we crossed the "crazy pet people" line a long time ago. They give us something to snuggle with when the test is negative or when it was positive and a miscarriage has happened.

  6. I read your article on AOL today! Thank you so much for sharing. I copied the link to the other members of an infertility support group I am in, I think they will appreciate it. I especially like the "Cry, baby" tip. I used that one myself on Thanksgiving when someone announced their pregnancy.

    My husband and I (or I should say I with a very understanding husband) have also adopted 3 cats and a dog over the last few years as we have been trying. He calls me the crazy cat lady and has banned any future pets until one leaves. Yet I found myself downloading the "Petfinder" app. on my phone though so.....And as much as i hate the hair and daily vacuming, it is nice to know their are 6 souls in my home and so I am not totally alone.

    It is nice to hear people share their difficulties with the "hellidays". Others just don't understand. I cried putting up the tree, unpacking ornaments and listening to christmas songs. Every year gets harder. I try to put on a happy face and continue to live my life, but it is not that easy. I keep telling my self you are wasting your twenties miserable, but I haven't found a way to snap out of it yet.

  7. I just finished my third ICSI procedure with no sucess and no remaining eggs. My husband and I have been together 9 years and I knew something was up a year or two into the marriage but it took another year to convince him that we needed help. Two years ago we did the procedure and then again three weeks ago. Unsucessful again.

    It is true that we do have a lot of love to give. I have three indoor cats, 2 feral, starving outdoor cats that adopted me (and with much happiness our now healthy and quite loving). Plus the WHOLE neighborhood! And I am sure sometime in the future we will have a dog or two.

  8. I also have come here through the Aol story. I knew from age 19 I would never be able to have children so at least we never had to go down the road of fertility treatments. We started the adoption process but I got sick and we had to drop out. I guess kids are not in the picture for us. BUT, I have already excepted that I will be known as the crazy dog lady! We are also involved in a rescue organization and I am considered a Foster Flunky because we have adopted every dog we fostered!! So for the moment my husband will not let me foster anymore. But they are great programs and everybody should do it at least once!

  9. We have FIVE cats. We are "those people". But, our house is clean too. It's all about the Furminator. We joke that there is some kind of kitty hobo sign scratched on our door. " Knock here when you need a clean bed and an expensive trip to the vet".

  10. Yea - when I saw those pics of you guys with the 2 dogs I knew it was all over. Congratulations on your beautiful new little girl. You saved a life and added more love into your own. Win-win to me.

  11. We have three dogs-fur babies- one for each year we have been TTC! We just took home our 3rd dog last week, just in time for the holidays. Our two other dogs were adopted at this time of year too.