Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I had a dream

My darling hubby hates when I recount my dreams to him, so now I will subject you, loyal readers, to them.

I'm not talking about our day dreams and hopes, rather the ones that occur while you're in a nice REM.

As I'm sure many infertiles can relate, I have had countless dreams about being pregnant, giving birth, and having a newborn. And, they're pretty graphic - I remember feeling like an in utero baby was kicking me (perhaps it was my Mexican dinner), having a baby shower, and the smell of a hospital. Sucks when you wake up and find out none of those actually happened.

And I read somewhere that when you're on your period, sometimes cramps make you dream about being in labor - have had that happen, too. Weird, but true.

One of my most memorable dreams was years ago and was definitely foreshadowing. I dreamt that I gave birth and when the nurse handed me my baby for the first time, I looked down and it was an Asian infant (my husband is not Asian, and in fact, he is blond with blue eyes). Little did I know that I'd be pinning all of my hopes and dreams on my toddler son from Vietnam (I dream about him at least every other night and waking up from those is torture) and that I'm still waiting for him to come home.

One of my favorite dreams of all time for its sheer absurdity and probably has some very interesting meanings behind it was just a month or two before my wedding (and it has nothing to do with infertility). I had a dream that my bridesmaids wore red, plaid nightgowns with eyelet lace around the collar and sleeves (if you're near my age, you remember wearing something similar as a kid - very Laura Ingalls Wilder) instead of beautiful plum dresses, and were carrying a bunch of bananas instead of a bouquet of flowers. Try dissecting that one!

Ever have any weird TTC or pregnancy dreams?

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  1. I often have dreams that I'm pregnant and that my belly is transparent, so I can see the baby inside. In these dreams, my belly is quite stretchy, so I actually hold and cradle the baby in my arms, even though the baby is still in my belly.

    I also had a dream that I was breastfeeding my kitten.