Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Case of the Bitters

I started writing a posting tonight and read it to Jack Bauer and he said, "Wow, that sounds pretty bitter." I don't want to be or sound bitter, so I promptly deleted it.

It seems like if I were going to be bitter, it would have happened years ago, and not now, but I'm not going to argue with my emotions tonight.

The good news is that Jack and I are going to take a few days off next week and have a little rest and relaxation. I can't wait. In fact, I'm so excited, that I'm having a hard time concentrating at work - and we don't leave until Wednesday.

I think that a nice little break will recharge my soul and mind.

If anyone has ideas other than a vacation on how to get rid of the bitters, let me know. Perhaps I just need to indulge in some sweets.


  1. For me, a great exercise class followed by lunch or coffee with a non-preggo/no kids friend can put me in a good mood. In particular, aerobic kick-boxing to pumping music can totally raise my spirits.

  2. I usually go out for dinner with hubby and if I can afford it order from the most expensive side of the menu.

    Hope you will feel better soon

  3. Buy yourself something nice. Have fun

  4. I would recommend doing something nice for your husband. That should put you in a good frame of mind :-)

  5. If you figure it out..let me know too.

  6. Time, yoga, and doing things that couples without kids do (like go out partying all night until the bar closes) although I usually feel sadder the next day. Oh and hot yoga, something about sweeting my butt off that makes me feel great.

    I felt REALLY REALLY bitter when our GS misscarried, it was a real low point, and it took me by a shock, it took a few months to start and lift hte cobwebs

  7. Chocolate chip cookies.
    Baking them.

    Sometimes when I feel really bitter I sign up to work at a soup kitchen.

  8. A nice massage for the both of you, followed by a leisurely dinner with wine - which you probably couldn't do if you had kids.