Tuesday, August 4, 2009

To Bac Lieu with Love

As I've lamented and written many times, we've been waiting since last July to get our little boy from Vietnam.

Many of these children, including our Nate, are approaching their 2nd birthdays and we have learned that the orphanage is not giving them solid foods. If solid food isn't introduced soon, they may not learn how to chew. Now, a group of the parents and volunteers are planning trips to aid in the care of these 21 babies at their orphanage.

I hate to use my blog as a place to ask for money, but in the case of our little boy and the other children who have loving families waiting for them in the States, I'll make an exception.

All of the parents are paying their way, but we need donations in order to take care of the flights and room and board for the volunteers.

Even if you can just spare $5, we and the 21 other families waiting for their babies (now toddlers) would be so grateful. Hopefully, we'll have enough people to stay in Vietnam until we can bring them home. I'm planning on going in early November.

Check out the poster boy of the day - Nate the Great, our little sweet pea.

Even $5 would be a huge help for our cause.


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