Saturday, May 8, 2010

My dog makes me feel like a mom, part 2

So much for being calm, cool and collected...

Although my dog's test results came in negative, my vet told me to keep a close eye on her gums, ears and stomach for any signs of bruising. So, every 12 hours or so, I do an inspection.

Yesterday morning, however, I couldn't tell if the light brown spots on her gums were there when I looked last. So, I loaded her into the car, and drove to the vet. Upon my arrival into the lobby, I freely announced that I was sure I was being paranoid, but wanted a vet tech to humor me. Luckily, the brown spots are normal pigmentation, but I just wanted to make sure.

I thought, "so much for my reserved and thoughtful mothering instincts."

But, when I relayed the story back to my girlfriends last night, a little embarrassed from my overzealous behavior. BFF said, "No, that's being a mom."

Guess motherhood is cut out for me, after all.


  1. Motherhood is definitely something you are meant for. Hoping for your little miracle.

  2. It's absolutely cut out for you!! Happy Mother's Day to an amazing friend, aunt, godmother, and mommy to Sophie, Bob, Ellie and precious Nate. We love you!

  3. Happy Mother's Day, friend. I'm glad you heard that comment not only in your ears but in your heart. Much love to you and I'm glad your beloved puppy is okay.

  4. My dog is my first baby. She always will be. She made and still makes me feel like a mother. It is love and tenderness. Two key components to being a mother.