Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I try to keep my blog as light-hearted and funny as possible, but today that's not going to happen -- I need to vent. I'm sure I am hypersensitive right now because our adoption is not going well, at all, and I'm full of stress and raw nerves. Two separate incidents just about sent me over the edge. I'm close enough as it is.

Running is one of my favorite free stress relievers. I love pounding the trails and the pavement - even if I do nothing else during the day, at least I ran. So, I went out this morning for a 5-mile run to get rid of some of my nervous energy. Running worked wonders when I was hopped up on fertility drugs - helped my tension and my weight gain.

A lotta good that did... I was running on the sidewalk ready to cross the street - the WALK sign lit up, when a woman in a beat-up car, who was not paying any attention, talking on the phone, almost ran over me. What really set me off is that she had a toddler in the back seat and he wasn't strapped in properly. I'm going to be very judgemental here, but she didn't appear to be someone that should have a child.

The second incident was at Starbucks. I was sitting peacefully at a table doing some work while sipping a iced green tea latte, when two women at the table about 2 feet away started talking about childbirth. Apparently one of them had a baby 8 weeks ago and brought her friend pictures. I must've heard her friend say "what a beautiful baby" three dozen times in 30 minutes. Then I got to hear about how she was so tired because the baby wasn't on a schedule yet and how big her c-section scare is.

I really wanted to turn to them and make a snarky comment, but I restrained myself.

I had a Frosty for dinner, so now I feel a little better.


  1. I remember a woman earlier this summer who made me so mad for similar reasons. We were both pulling out of a parking lot and I noticed she had a cell phone in one hand, a cigarette in the other and her toddler was climbing over the seat. My immediate thought was, "She gets to have kids?!?" It took a lot for me to not say something to her about not taking what she had for granted, but she probably would have just given me a blank stare and I would have felt worse. It is so tough sometimes.

    Hope you enjoyed your Frosty, if the Wen.dy's wasn't 20 miles away, I would be sipping on one myself. ;)

  2. i admire the fact you run to relieve stress. me? i snack ;) which means i love the fact that you had a frosty for dinner! :)
    hang in there...and it's okay to vent, we all need those days. and besides, venting is cathartic :)
    happy iclw!

  3. I feel very sorry for the first person who complains to me about the challenges of having a child.

  4. So sorry you had a crappy day, Lulu. Have you tried dipping your Twizzlers in your Frosty? May be helpful!

  5. So glad I'm not the only one who sees bad parenting or people who are incredibly unprepared for the responsibility of parenting and thinks, "Why do they get one but we don't?"