Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What would I look like pregnant

I'm really not that much of a fashionista, but I am all for cute, summery shirts. And how appropriate for us infertiles that all the rage are the "maternity look" tops. You know, the flouncy little shirts that look like they could be hiding a bit of a belly.

I have a couple, but haven't worn any yet this summer, but yesterday, I pulled one off the hanger. It's a really cute top, but I really look prego in it. It is fitted snuggly across my chest and makes my A-cup boobs look bigger and then the empire-type waist flares out around my hips. It's super cute, but I totally look pregnant in it. All day, I wondered if people I passed in the hallway or rode the elevator with thought I was expecting.

I always wondered what I would look like pregnant, and this gave me a little bit of an idea, but this shirt would make me not more than 4-5 months pregnant. I wonder how much my butt would grow and how big my boobs would really get. I was never one to stuff my shirt with a pillow and pose in a mirror to get an idea.

Maybe we should all take a field trip to "Motherhood" and put on those fake prego bellies and try on pants with panels and oversized tops, though that would probably result in gallons of tears and running out of Kleenex.

Maybe a trip to get ice cream is a better idea, and that's one way to make our stomachs and rear ends grow.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    I hate that those shirts are in style. They are super cute, but I too look pregnant in them. I have the opposite problem - D cups. The girls makes the shirt look like I'm really prego.

    I have dresses that have the empire waist thing and I worry everytime I wear them if someone thinks I'm pg. But i haven't yet stuffed a pillow under my shirt to see what I would look like. I am tempted to try it. *shrugs*

    Happy ICLW

  2. I stopped wearing those shirts to work because I was tired of the not-so-covert glances at my midsection. My department knew we were trying, so I'm sure they were wondering if we were finally successful. Now that we have stopped TTC, I don't want to raise any suspicion again by wearing one of those shirts.

  3. I would totally go to a motherhood store and do this with you. I'm fat though and so I dont think I would look pregnant regardless. I would probably just start bawling into my pregnancy pillow. I just spent 20 minutes crying in the gyno office.