Monday, August 23, 2010

An Infertility Story Line on TV

I'm a fan of the CBS comedies on Monday nights, especially How I Met Your Mother, and I've recently gotten into Rules of Engagement. On today's episode, in the first scene, Jeff (AKA Putty from Seinfeld), was trying to give his wife, Audrey, a shot of estrogen since they're doing an IVF cycle. Instead of jabbing her in the rear, he accidentally stuck his hand with the needle and yelled, "I stuck myself with lady juice!"

Maybe you had to see it for it to be funny, but I cracked up. And, they made it very realistic because Audrey was complaining about how the hormones made her crazy - her brain foggy and not focused. Now that's something I can relate to. She was sweating profusely wiht hot flashes. Again, been there, done that.

It's about time that infertility was part of the mainstream. I'm tired of it being in the dark. I understand that not everyone wants to air their fertility issues, but I'm not one of them, and within a day or so, you will understand why I'm saying that.

I appreciate that the writers of this comedy are bringing infertility to light. They're not making fun of it; it seems pretty realistic and the conversations are making me think that one of the writers has been through it her/himself.

I'll be interested to see where the story line goes.


  1. I saw that episode and thought it was great! Very funny, but still a a fairly good depiction of what infertility is like.

  2. That "lady juice" line is hilarious!!! LOL!!!

  3. That is really cool that they are incorporating infertility in such a realistic manner.

    #28 ICLW

  4. I don't usually watch "Rules of Engagement" but I happened to be flipping through and saw that scene! It was hysterical!!!

    Hope you get to bring your sweet son home soon. Happy ICLW!


  5. Unfortunately I don't get CBS, but it sounds funny and I'm glad infertility is getting some attention, especially through comedy. It's always better to laugh than cry.

  6. Nice, thanks for sharing. I wonder if anyone's compiled a list of representations of infertility in popular culture yet. There's a newish movie, The Kids Are All Right, which is about a family in which the kids are conceived with a donor (the parents are lesbians, they're not medically infertile, so it's a slightly different situation). I actually haven't seen it, but I'm curious to know what people think.

  7. I didn't see that episode, but it's nice to have an infertility story on TV. I bet you're right - probably someone, one of the writers or someone went through IVF and could see the humor in it.

    ICLW #86

  8. ICLW - sounds like a good one and nice to have them actually show the process of infertility and what a couple goes through. Good call that some writer had the guts and talent to get this through on the show.

    Lily - The Infertile Mind