Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yes, I have a fistful of pregnancy tests

In that tiny little pic of me to the right, I have a handful of pregnancy tests. During my photo shoot, I stomped on them, glared at them, threw them up in the air and broke them in half. I highly recommend doing all of those things the next time you get a negative pregnancy test.

The photo shoot was for my book cover and my publicity shots for when The Inadequate Conception comes out (so excited!). What's funny is that the two cover designers are men and so was the photographer. I brough the HPTs and some ovulation detection test sticks as props and they didn't know the difference. When they were shooting the HPT for the cover (it's hard to see, but it is a HPT with a frowning face where the "pregnant" or two blue lines should go), the guys started taking shots of an ovulation stick, so I quickly had to pull it out of the shot and hand them an HPT. Hmmph...men... Would any of your husbands or SOs know the difference?

I told the photographer, that I bet he never thought he'd be using HPTs as a prop in a shoot. I also had a turkey baster as a prop, but we didn't like those pics. I tried doing the Princess Leia stance from Star Wars with it as my light saber, but it didn't translate well on film. Still, I thought that was pretty funny. My sister thought I should also do a shot of me drinking a bottle of wine with a straw and a plate of cookies. Oh wait...that's what I'm doing now.


  1. Waaaiiittt!! Advice on finding an editor for a book idea??? Care to share? How does one begin?

    Congrats on the book and I love the wine bottle with a straw, cookies imagery!

  2. This is AMAZING, I love the photo and i LOVE the cover!!! apparently I am full of love today!!! I am so excited to read this book, I have loved your blog so far, so I can only imagine its great!

  3. So proud of you!! And what a great photo, it must have felt good to stomp on those asshole sticks.

  4. Congratulations. I like the idea for the photo shoot. I'm sure the ultimate destruction of the HPTs was theraputic.

    Great picture. :D

  5. Wow, what a cool photo. Congrats on the book.

    Well, given how many times I've held an ovulation stick up to his face to ask him to confirm the smiley face or lack therefore, and to also "try to spot a second line, see anything?" I think maybe, but maybe not.

  6. Congrats to you and best wishes with your book!