Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Chai-yok: Is that a joke?

Always wanting to give you the very latest news for infertiles, I just happened upon a new Eastern medicine treatment that claims to aid in fertility. It's a Korean-based treatment called a chai-yok, or a vaginal steam bath, and they're now available at a few select spas on the West Coast. I read about it in the LA Times.

Fourteen different herbs are seeped like tea, and the daring woman sits on a stool with an opening so that the steam can penetrate the gynecologic regions. The method is said to improve mentral craps and other female issues, including surging fertility.

The article references one 45-year old woman who tried to conceive for 3 years, used this method and got pregnant. With stats like that, I'd be willing to give my unmentionables a steam. But wait, does it burn? The last thing any of us infertiles need is a scalded vagina. I mean sure, we're used to ultrasound wands, poking and prodding and feet in stirrups, so surely straddling a hollowed out stool couldn't be too bad. I just hope that they sterilize the stools within an inch of their life before I hop on board.

Anyone else think they'd be willing to give this a try?


  1. Uh, that sounds... interesting?

  2. Id totally try it - why not? Well, except for ...this sounds gross. But how the heck do they sterilize after some has held their vajaja over it? Yuck. Next time I go to the steam room at the gym I'll brew up some tea and throw it on the heater thing and just stand over it. Gross.

  3. This post gave me a good laugh on the "mentral craps" line! It does sound interesting though, and I suppose if there's supporting research to show that it has and can help, it's gotta be a lot better than doping up on med's and being poked and prodded like a lab rat! Wonder if they'd make a home kit? Hum.....

  4. Eeek....ya, I am not sure I would want to try that.

    During my adventures in IF I have had many things stuck up my "Punta Cana" but I am not sure that I would want to risk burning my nether regions with Steam.

    And the thought of another lady straddling the stool before me...

    No thanks!

    Happy Holidays and Happy ICLW

  5. I think in the middle of TTC we would have tried anything including steaming our vejayjays if there was proof it helped. I'm embarassed to say we tried everything anyone suggested. (all of this we i keep speaking of = my partner, I just got to encourge all the craziness)

  6. Uhhhh, I think I've tried crazier sounding things by now anyway, why not add scalded vagina to the list!? It's probably a good thing nothing like that exists around here! Hope you had a lovely Christmas and 2011 brings you lots of book success (and baby success too!). Lots of love from ICLW #110!

  7. Yikes that sounds painful.

  8. Doesn't sound too insane to me!

    ~Jem (ICLW #5)