Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm moving to Hollywood

Ahh...the Oscar nominations were announced this morning. Big deal, right? Typically, I'd say no, but not this year (OK, I do admit that it is to me since I'll once again be able to see Colin Firth in a tux. Can you say "dreamy"?)

Of course, when "the latest accessory on the red carpet is a baby bump!" the Academy Awards take on a whole new meaning.

Yes, that was a direct quote that I heard someone on E! say during their Red Carpet show during the Golden Globes as if a big belly is a Harry Winston million dollar necklace or the new Jimmy Choo's. Besides the fact that I have a real problem with someone calling a pregnancy an accessory (what does that say to young impressionable girls or us infertiles who have tried to get pregnant with all our might?), what the heck is up with all the movie stars with buns in the oven?

As many young actresses and pseudo celebrities have shown us, they don't always make the best decisions. So, why the sudden need to give birth?

I mean what's in the Evian that these celebs are drinking? Does the smog and traffic in LA encourage fertility? Does Botox and collagen actually mimic follistims and Femora? Or, is there some underground fertility doctor using unorthodox methods to get these waify girls knocked up? Whatever "it" is, I want to know about it.

Though in thinking about how much money I've spent trying to get pregnant, I could have just as easily stuffed a pillow in a pair of granny panties and bought a vintage Valentino with some awesome duds. Heck, I probably could've even afforded to pay Ryan Reynolds to walk me down the crimson rug with what I've paid in fertility treatments.


  1. Cheers to Nicole Kidman for not shoving it in out faces and keeping such an unbelievable secret. I'm shocked Natalie Portman even has a period with her waif look. How did she conceive? Let's hope they don't do this to sell more tix at the box office...

  2. I like the idea of being escorted by Ryan Reynolds. A lot :)

  3. I had this exact same thought when I was watching the red carpet show, too. A baby bump is NOT an accessory. It's a gift. A gift that I don't think some of these women realize how precious it is. Kudos to Nicole Kidman for being one of the few women in Hollywood to talk openly about her struggle!

  4. Ryan. Reynolds. H-H-H-H-H-HOT!! I'm a little verklempt!!! (can you tell I LOOOVE HIM? Any mention of his name gets me all...crazy...)

  5. Ryan Reynolds... yum! :)

    And what is up with all the pregnancy announcements coming out of Hollywood as of late? I want one of their 'accessories'! I'd gladly take a shredded stretch marked belly over a lifetime of Jimmy Choos and Neil Lane jewelry!

    ICLW #131

  6. Thank you for the comment on my blog and thanks for making me smile with this awesome post :)

  7. Yes, there's definitely something in the water in Hollywood. Maybe it'd be cheaper to just move there and drink it up. It would be way warmer than where I live!

    And yes my blog title is from the Indigo Girls song. IG are my all-time fave group, I've seen them in concert twice and I love them!

  8. LOL. It is crazy how many people in hollywood are pregnant. I check the internet every morning and it's someone new. I wish it was as easy as moving to hollywood.