Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stork parking for moms to be

My sweet sister came up with the idea for this blog post because of this picture she took. She thinks that I should be able to park there.
It says: "Stork Parking For New Mothers & Mothers to Be"

Besides the fact that I wouldn't do it just because I know that a waddling mom should totally be able to get a few steps closer to the door, and my fat rear needs to walk farther, would I be in violation if I parked here? I think not, as I am a mom to our son in Vietnam. He may not be with me in person, but he is in spirit, (though I pray he's walking hand-in-hand with me from the car to the grocery and soon).

It makes me think...what is the definition of a "mom to be"? Is it someone who has just started trying to conceive? A young girl who will be a mom in 20+ years? A woman waiting on her adoption? Someone who wishes like hell that one day a small fry will call her "mommy" even though that hasn't happen yet? Obviously, one "with child" counts, but what about all of the rest?

Clearly, "mother to be" has multiple meanings, and there's not one that's more correct than another. However, I have a feeling that this establishment probably meant "parking for one who is currently gestating a human life somewhere between embryo and infant." Still, I'd love to argue my case with some zit-faced kid wrangling shopping carts who tried to stop me from parking there. See blog post All of the crap without the benefit about my three-month prego-looking belly -- maybe I wouldn't get stopped, after all.

Before you know it, lazy women across the country are going to be stuffing their shirts with pillows just to get a prized parking spot.

Besides, it looks like the stork is carrying a bagette and not a baby. With the obesity epidemic in the U.S. perhaps that's what they mean instead.


  1. That is hubby tried to get me to park in a spot labled Mom to Be after our last transfer. Couldn't do it though.

  2. You so should park there and then see if anyone challenges you.

  3. thanks for the comment on my blog. re: this post--my former hospital where my RE was had this type of parking--and I parked in it sometimes. and it felt good. fake. but still kinda good.

  4. I love your take on this. I would probably let such a parking spot enrage me - "Bitch gets a baby and a parking spot TOO?!" - but your way of looking at it is much more eloquent.

    Whether or not you challenge that cart-wrangler is up to you, but definitely look forward to parking there as a new mom once your son arrives!