Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sound Medicine - radio interview

Thought you guys might enjoy a radio interview I did giving my thoughts on infertility and this crazy journey we go through.

radio interview ">"For some, the baby-toting stork never arrives.

Indianapolis-based writer Lori LeRoy and her husband have struggled for years to have children, so far without success. Her husband urged her to keep a journal about their efforts to conceive, and the result is her book, The Inadequate Conception. In it, LeRoy treats the topic of infertility with humor and good sense."


  1. Great interview! I really enjoyed it. I hope that you are able to bring your son home soon!

  2. Hi there,

    Here from the ICLW. My name is Kim and I am the editor of the The Ladies in Waiting Book Club. :o) I see you've written a book that we actually have in our bookstore. Nice to "meet" you!