Saturday, April 2, 2011

An unbelievable conception

While running with a former infertile friend this morning (she's now a mom to a darling 2-year old), she shared a story with me that almost stopped me in my Asics.

Some friends of hers, a lesbian couple, just announced that they were expecting. One woman of the couple was able to get pregnant with a friend's sperm in a cup and a turkey baster (yes, literally one that you might use at Thanksgiving)- at home. Yes, really. Good for them, but quite frankly the "ease" of her conception almost blows me away.

After vials and vials of fertility drugs, intervential medicine, IVFs, 11 embryos and a gestational carrier, I couldn't even get a beta reading of 1.

In other news, I attended my first baby shower in almost three years this morning. And, I survived unscathed. I'm sure there are plenty of people who don't know why that's a big deal, but my fellow pregnancy virgins get it.


  1. I totally get it!!!

    And are you freaking kidding me? A turkey baster??????? FML.


  2. That is just unbelievable. And incredibly unfair. Not that they don't deserve it because I have no idea who they are, but we ALL deserve it. It should be this hard. ((hugs))

  3. WAIT? literally a turkey baster like they did it at their kitchen? I swear - I have so many lesbian friends that seem to get knocked up on the first try! Makes me wonder if I should change teams just so I can go get knocked up??!!

    Yeah for baby shower - I have avoided them like the plague!

  4. That is insane. I thought that only happens in movies.

  5. Good news on getting through the shower. I usually play out some kind of Incredible Hulk scene in my mind while we're watching the lucky lady open gifts. Like I suddenly jump up and start popping muscles and crush all the tables as I grab the cake and smash it with my fists. That's probably not healthy.

    And are you kidding me? So not only do we have to listen stories of couples who just relaxed, we also get to hear about the chick with an actual turkey baster and cup of sperm. Fantastic.

  6. I'm glad you got through the shower. I always look for some kind of alcoholic relieft to help me along at those - or chocolate.