Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Multiplying like rabbits... or not at all

Easter is quickly approaching. A time for resurrection, rebirth and reflection. Of course, where does my warped little mind go? Sex and infertility. Here's why? The focus on eggs and rabbits(see last Easter's post on that topic). Of course, my problem wasn't the eggs (I belted out 23 of them at my retrieval), my issue seemed to be the basket that couldn't hold them.

The Easter Bunny also offers an oddly relevant connotation for infertility, too because of the fact that... well, rabbits are known for rocking conception.

Back in the days when we were in the middle of ovulation induction cycles, fertility drugs and even before all of that, our multiplication efforts would've made the bunnies proud, except that they never resulted in anything, except a lot of fun, but then that changed and it became a chore.

I think only infertiles or those trying really hard to get pregnant know what I mean. I think sometimes we give men a little too much credit for wanting sex 24-7, especially when I've heard things (not just from my husband, but relayed from other pregnancy virgins) like:

"You mean we have to do it tonight, too?"
"Do I have to take anything other than my boxers off?"
"No foreplay? Score!"
"We have to make it quick; I have a flight to catch."

What ironically funny words have come out of your hubby's mouth when you were deep in the "traditional" baby-making process?


  1. "I'm really tired but don't want to miss a chance this month. Can I just do my thing and we meet up right before the end?"

    I've also said "Would it turn you on if I told you I have Egg White today?"

    Oh sooo romantic!!

  2. This post is really funny! I can't quite think of anything funny to add though...
    You really are an inspiration to me (with your book and all) so I am giving you an award! (at Stress Free Infertility) Happy EASTER and ICLW!