Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Acne at 37?!?!

For the last couple of weeks, my face has been breaking out just like it did in high school. Back in my teenage years, I used gallon upon gallon of Tinted Oxy 10 which not only dried up my zits, but it also covered them up - what a great invention for ultra-self conscience teens.

Anyway, as an adult, I get an occasional pimple, but nothing that concerns me that much. But, I had to raise it to alert level red when three massive ones appeared last week and decided to take measures to have a blemish-free face again.

I went to see my aesthetician to get a facial to dry and balance my oil field of a face. When I showed her my constellation of pimples on my face, she immediately said, "Are you pregnant?"

I said, "Sadly, no, but I wish I was." What gives? The symptoms without the result. Ends up, it was a result of stress, but I had already figured that out.

Several years ago when I was going through fertility treatments and taking loads of follistims and other hormones, I treated myself to a facial. This one was just for fun, not because I had an issues, or so I thought. As the aesthetician analyzed, plucked and poked my skin, and she said, "Is there something stressful going on in your life?" I wasn't aware that in addition to a facial, I was also paying for a therapy session, but I figured I should answer so I could find out why she asked me.

I told her about all of the fertility meds and the stress of it all, and she immediately empathized and said solemnly, "oh..."

My entire life, people have said I look younger than I am, but this threw my sense of my appearance into a tailspin.

So, I walked out with $210 of products. She was either a really sneaky salesperson, or I looked like a wreck and didn't realize it.

My Tinted Oxy 10 is only $3.49 a bottle. I think I'll head to the pharmacy.

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  1. At 37 I also get pimples from time to time and it irks me! Furthermore, with age, I find that it takes more time for my pimples to heal - sheesh. I love facials and I can totally understand walking out with a ton of expensive products. Hey, we've got to spoil ourselves from time to time. I'm a big fan of Decleor and they have a great essential oil (aromessence white) for the face. At first, I was really wary of putting oil on my face, but it is actually really good for the skin and does not make it feel greasy!

    BTW, when I was a teenager, I couldn't afford acne medicine, so I put toothpaste on my pimples to dry it out. Not a bad solution.