Monday, September 6, 2010

Find your bliss, in spite of your infertility

Common logic says that if you know you're infertile, you want to have a child. And, for many of us, we have dreamed of having a baby for years and years, so it puts quite a crimp, to say the least, in our plans when we can't get pregnant.

I usually don't throw out advice through my blog, but I feel pretty adamant about this small nugget of info: Find your other bliss(es).

Part of the reason this topic is on my mind is because I did something today that makes me happier than just about anything - horseback riding. I occasionally ride in events put on by a local hunt club and today we road through creeks, woods, and pastures playing a horsey version of Clue. The weather was gorgeous, my horse was a prince, and I was with good friends -- two hours of pure joy.

And, when I'm riding, I am totally focused on just riding. I'm not thinking about my faulty uterus or my adoption that's going poorly. It's very liberating not to have those obsessions on my mind during that time.

My therapist has even encouraged me to do things I enjoy. Of course, I do have the caveat that the things you do shouldn't involve bodily harm to you or anyone else.

My list includes said horseback riding, running trails with my dog, doing just about anything with Jack, writing, hanging out with my niece and nephew, among others.

How about you? What do you love to do? Are you currently participating in it? If not, why? Get out there and do something you love.


  1. Um.....My bliss is trying & learning new things. I am happiest when I'm at a course or in a new class. Right now I love yoga, spinning, and I recently tried hip hop dance week, JAZZ!!!! oh, and I love latte's and spa days, but I try to hold out cause they are an expensive hobby!!!
    Thank you for this post, I love a little happiness on a gloomy day :)

  2. I have three things that bring me bliss -- playing touch football, practicing Bikram yoga, and my freelance job. Unfortunately, I can't do them all every day, but just thinking about these three things do truly bring me bliss.

  3. Good post! My bliss is hanging with the DH, my job, my students (most the time) and playing with my dog!

  4. Glad to hear that riding brings you a lot of joy. I like to learn new recipes, eat out at restaurants and play with my furry felines.