Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why Hanson (mmmBop) makes me feel old

I'm sure you're thinking "Where on earth is she going with that?" Just give me a minute : )

I have to admit that when the blond trio of brothers Hanson came out with the song "MmmBob" several years ago, I thought it was quite the cute and catchy tune (actually, I still do). I remember thinking that it was strange that I liked a song being sung by a bunch of kids, especially when most people who liked them were tweens and teens - more of their contemporaries -- unlike a twentysomething like I was.

Well, that was 12 years ago. In fact, it was the year that I married Jack Bauer (and no, the band did not play it at our wedding). I was watching a little celebrity news TV this weekend, and saw that two of the Hanson brothers HAVE CHILDREN. Wait a minute, aren't they still children themselves? How can they be procreating when I have yet to do so? It made me feel so old and barren.

And, after I did a little Google research, I discovered that they are 30-, 28- and 25-years old, so OK, they're definitely old enough to have kids. I just thought they were much younger, and still hear their pre-pubescent voices and picture their blond mops bopping around.

I mean it's one thing when you're the only one of your married (or even divorced)friends, and I mean the ONLY one, who doesn't have kids, but when your younger cousins (by 7 years) and teenage singing sensations start popping out babies, it can take its toll.

I also feel this way when younger actresses (and let's face it, at my age, the majority of them are younger) have kids. Candace Cameron,aka DJ Tanner from "Full House" and Soleil Moon Frye, from Punky Brewster fame, have kids - yes plural.

The next thing you know Rudy Huxtable from The Cosby Show will be preggers. That may be the day when I am sent over the edge.


  1. No, not that cute little Rudy! Never.
    Next you'll tell me Webster is a grandfather!
    And thanks for getting Mmbop stuck in my head. Not. Haha.
    Hang in there: there are, like, millions of people older than you. Hold on to that, I am sure that helps.

  2. Wow, admitting you liked MMM Bop, good thing I don't know you IRL or else I would be making fun of you incessantly, JK!

    I am right there with you with the young ones who are producing, it blows.

  3. I totally get why Hanson makes you feel old. Ditto.

  4. I'm not sure what news TV you were watching, but all three Hanson guys have children. The middle brother has four!

  5. I had the SAME thoughts when I heard the first Hanson kid had a kid. WHAT?! It's amazing how we never get older even as the rest of the world ages around us, doesn't it? ;)

  6. I know! I saw that the other day; the middle brother has three or four kids!

    Speaking of the middle brother, he is in this awesome band, Tinted Windows. It's so good! it has him, one of the guys from Fountains of Wayne, James Iha from Smashing Pumpkins, and the drummer from Cheap Trick. I swear it sounds like a slightly more modern version of Rick Springfield....all the songs are ridiculously catchy, and perfect for summer. (Sorry for that, but I absolutely love this band, and any time someone mentions Hanson, I think of it.)

  7. By the way, last night I read that Blossom (remember her? I will never forget her real name: Mayim Bialik) is 34 and has two sons.
    Wow, that wouldn't have helped you either. I am going now...

  8. I get freaked out that people born in 1992 are old enough to drink in bars here in Australia... That was only a couple of years ago!! Happy ICLW

  9. Totally off topic...but the tv show I am watching just rerference Hanson literally as I opened your blog and it made me laugh! What are the odds?

  10. Wow, way to bring me down on a Friday! I agree, those kids are way too young to have children (and I say this as someone who is actually younger than the oldest hanson!). That not only makes me feel old but also unsuccessful!

  11. Wow. This makes me feel old too and I'm in the same age range AS Hanson. Yeesh! Happy ICLW!

  12. You never know about Rudy - she is 31 years old IRL...


  13. Yeah I know what you mean! My baby cousin is pregnant with her 2nd (she's 22, married, a fantastic mom... but I still see her as a little girl). And Hanson? Really? I guess it's easy to forget that celebs age too... but come on, the little one hadn't even hit puberty when they were popular!
    It'll be over for me when the Olson twins start breeding.
    Happy ICLW!