Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another fertility gadget

Yet another gadget to help us with our fertility issues, but I'm still trying to figure this one out. The new FIRST RESPONSE ® Fertility Test for Women claims that it "is an accurate test of FSH level to assess ovarian reserve (egg quantity and quality) – one of the leading single indicators of a woman’s ability to get pregnant."

I didn't realize that we were getting so fancy with our at-home testing technology that we could self-diagnose whether or not we could get pregnant.

It goes on to say, "FSH level assesses ovarian reserve, one of the leading single indicators of a woman’s fertility potential and now it is possible to gauge your fertility potential through a simple at-home test with over 95% accuracy."

You mean that I've spent thousands and thousands of dollars at my fertility doctor when I could have figured out my infertility at home for a mere $24.99?

Gimme a break.



  1. Interesting -- I did a bit of googling:

    "The question of FSH and other ovarian reserve testing is one of great concern for most women undergoing evaluation for conception difficulties. It is important to understand as fully as possible the entire hormonal picture, how the body's endocrine system and responses lead to fertility or infertility, rather than relying on numerical results from one test. There are many more ways (in addition to FSH testing) to determine ovarian reserve, and women should approach the possible diagnosis of premature ovarian failure with educated skepticism."


  2. If it can also somehow magically get you pregnant I'm sold!!

  3. I'm still thinking I could have made major decisions in my life with a magic 8 ball.