Saturday, September 12, 2009

Guest Blogger - Where did I come from?

Lily Hay, a friend of Fertility Foibles, wrote something that I though was hilarious, so I asked her to post this:

Not long ago I found the old book “Where Did I Come From?” my mom used to teach me about where babies come from in the 80’s. Then I was going through some of our books in the Resolve library and the one titled “How to Get Pregnant” stuck out to me because it is SO thick. After thinking about the two I had a good chuckle at how simple the original teaching was when I was probably 7 and how complex the teaching became in my 30s. I thought someone else might appreciate the irony so I’m posting a photo of the two books and their “stats”.

“Where Did I Come From?” by Peter Mayle - approx. 22 pages with big text and lots of illustrations (still available, by the way)

“How to Get Pregnant” by Sherman J. Silber, MD - 457 pages, small text and very few photos

I thought that was one of the best juxtapositions I'd seen in a long time. Thanks, Lily!


  1. Hilarious. And bitter sweet. And simply genius :)

  2. One would want to think life was simplier then. You did not hear about the many conditions that could affect infertility then and our parents seem like they did not beleive in contraceptives. They had no prenatal care and we were all born at home, all healthy.

    My question then is, what happened.

  3. Like Triumph, I would have thought that infertility was less of a problem then - but then again, it has been a problem since the beginning of time (Think of Sarah, as in Abraham...)

  4. Where did I Come From was my favorite book when I was a little kid. I once asked my grandmother to read it to me. My mom told me she was horrified when she came home to see that!
    But,yeah, that book made it seem so easy!