Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My version of health care reform

We’ve all heard an awful lot of talk about health care reform lately. I think some of the premises have merit, while others seem like they’re just throwing money at a problem without a strategic plan or full bank account.

One thing I haven’t heard discussed is ensuring that fertility treatments are covered by private or public health care. I think that some states like Illinois and California allow for automatic coverage of fertility-related costs, and a very small number of private insurers do, but they are few and far between.

I have had pretty decent health insurance, in general, and since I started working 14 years ago, but not one of them would cover fertility treatments. Why is that? How come they’ll cover rehab for alcohol or drug problems, but not my fertility drugs?

Or, they’ll cover therapy sessions and medications if you’re depressed because you can’t get pregnant, but won’t cover the fertility treatments, that, if they worked, would cure that depression.

It makes no sense to me.

I had a horseback riding accident this summer and fractured my pelvis. My ER visit, MRI and X-rays, physical therapy sessions, and even my crutches were covered, but not my broken uterus.

Just this week, I got a hospital bill for my last IVF transfer, which was almost two years ago. It’s dated 11/07/07 – why am I just now getting this? And, it’s for $2,530! It says on the invoices “Our records indicate that this service is not covered by insurance.” How long does it take to determine this? Apparently, almost two years.

I really appreciate the hospital system adding insult to my injury, by sending me a gigantic bill almost two years after the fact. Since it didn’t work anyway, I feel like I should send them a note that says that I won’t be paying since they didn’t come through on their end of the deal.

Just wait ‘til I’m president, infertiles, you will be taken care of.

And, Happy Anniversary to my parents! 42 years on 09-09-09!


  1. I totally agree - it just doesn't make sense why so many other things are covered but not fertility treatments. And it's totally adding insult to injury to receive that whopping bill 2 years later!!

    Happy Anniversary to your parents :-)

  2. Amen. That is the one thing that has annoyed me throughout this entire ordeal. I'm sorry about your bill...seems as if IF'ers will never escape from debt!

    What a cool day to have an anniversary!

  3. I here ya! What I don't understand is why they want to pay for birth control and abortions under the name of "family planning". Isn't IVF "family planning" just the other side of the coin???? When you run for POTUS I will vote for ya!!

    And sorry about the bill. That is ridiculous that they waited 2 years to send it to you. Crazy!

  4. Maybe you can put return to sender on it and it will take another couple years to find you again?