Friday, September 25, 2009

A "CAT"astrophe in fertility?

I've noticed something while trolling around the infertility blogosphere - an awful lot of infertiles have cats, and I am the proud mama of two fantastic felines, too. So, I'm wondering if there is a direct correlation between owning cats and being baby-making challenged. I think this warrants some research by the NIH or at least the Humane Society or an investigative report by Cat Fancy.

A couple of theories here, mind you, I am not a scientist or a psychologist, but indulge me a bit:
1. My cats are so happy being "only" children that they have some kind of curse on my uterus that renders me infertile.
2. There is something in cat dander, pee or poo that escapes into the air that deems some people infertile.
3. Infertiles who want children have a lot of love to give, so they have furbabies to parent, spoil and adore, until the human version arrives.
4. They're so upset by being spayed, that they curse your uterus so that you can't have babies, either.
5. The hours of cats sitting on my lap and making biscuits on my stomach over the years has smashed my uterus into an inhabitable place for a embryo to grow.

I'm pretty sure that the answer is #3, but I think it's still worth some research. I will happily sign up to be studied.

Any other theories?


  1. I'd have cats if my husband let us but instead we have a spoiled beagle. He is the "baby" in the house. And maybe he likes it that way...

  2. I hope it's number three or my kitty goes out the window. No, no, sorry kitty, I'm not gonna throw you anywhere but you better not be cursing my ass! Seriously though, my twisted mind has been down this path too...


    Number one and two have actaully been told to me here in Cairo. Crazy i know.

    We are fairly new cat owners and its so funny because this is like the second post I have read on linking us (infertiles) to being pet owners. I have been planning a post myself about it too. - ICLW

  4. I wrote a post about fur-babies recently. I do beleive they help us co-op with infertility as things do get crazy at times.

  5. Now if my husband had wanted a baby years ago, he would gotten me pregnant, but no, he wasn't ready so I got a dog instead.

  6. I'm cracking up that Wishing 4 One said she's actually heard 1 and 2 - I totally made those up!