Saturday, May 30, 2009

22 eggs, 16 embryos, One Last Chance

In my entry from earlier in the week, I was bragging about my uncanny ability to produce bushels of eggs, but I failed to mention the fact that Jack Bauer’s sperm count is off the charts – he’s got more swimmers than there are in fish in the Atlantic.

How is it possible that the egg factory and super sperm not get pregnant? Mystery to me and my fertility doctor. We seem to be in that oh-so-elite group of 10% of unfruitful couples with unexplained infertility.

So, after the 22 eggs were fertilized, only 16 made it into viable embryos. And, most of these weren’t just any embryos, they were “beautiful embryos” as my fertility doctor called them.

My first IVF transferred two of these beautiful budding babies to no avail. At my second IVF transfer, three were placed, and at my third and final, four were put back in my nest, but for some reason, they didn’t like their home, even though my uterine lining was apparently a sublime environment.

I tried not to take it personally.

So that leaves us with two frozen embryos -- yes, I know my math is wrong. But, five frozen embryos didn’t survive the thawing process.

So, we’re putting all of our eggs (or embryos) in one basket (or The Nest).

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