Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Empty Nest

I’m great at producing eggs, a virtual egg factory, actually. In fact, after my egg retrieval, in an anesthesia-induced haze, the only thing I could utter was, “how many eggs did they get?”

“22” was my magic and incredible number. I was so happy after hearing how many my super-productive ovaries belted out that Jack Bauer said I kept asking the nurses.

Surely that was a record for the hospital. So, I asked, still loopy from being under for an hour. I missed it by four – 26 was the highest egg production that they’d seen.

Still, 22 is nothing to sneeze at. However, that doesn’t do any good if sperm can’t find it or if I can’t hold an embryo in my uterus/nest.

JB and I have been at this baby making thing for five years to no avail. We’ve tried just about every fertility procedure as well as old wives’ tales, suggestions from friends, and recommendations from the Web and books.

That is, we’ve tried just about everything to get pregnant, but we haven't tried putting our eggs in someone else's nest.

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