Sunday, May 24, 2009

Episode IV: A New Hope

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far way…Evil imperial forces had taken over the universe, errr…uterus. Many tries were made to overtake its powerful hold, but they haven’t been met with any success. The Rebel Alliance has tried for more than four years to restore freedom to the universe, I mean, uterus, but nothing has worked – not the valiant efforts of three ovulation inductions or the highly calculated and strategized three in vitro fertilization transfers. For a while, it seemed that all was lost on reclaiming peace and harmony among the universe/uterus.

OK, maybe my Star Wars references are pushing it a bit, but my quest to get pregnant has, at times, seemed as complicated and unfair as the fight between the good Rebel Alliance and the evil empire of Darth Vader.

After five years, tens of thousands of dollars, 1611 pre-natal vitamins, 55 ovulation detection tests, 16 pregnancy tests, 23 blood draws and ultrasounds and ten embryos, I am still not pregnant. My husband, who wants to be known as Jack Bauer (also the name of the super cool and tough Kiefer Sutherland character on 24), and I have decided to try one last effort to have a biological child.

But, there is a new hope and a part of that Star Wars analogy that does work. A Jedi Knight has emerged that could bring a balance back to the galaxy.

Enter the Nest. Through an amazingly serendipitous act, the Nest, also known as our prospective gestational carrier, came into our lives. I can’t say how she did lest it giveaway her identity, but through a wondrous occurrence we met our carrier and discovered that she and I are kindred spirits.

After another six months, 50 emails, one counseling session and one key visit to our fertility doctor, we’re on the countdown to the transfer of Jack Bauer’s and my embryo into the nest.

She and I will share this blog space as a way to tell our story. Now all I have to do is sit back and relax – she has the tough part.


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! I love to see new IM's blogging and look forward to following your journey. I'm sorry that your journey has been long and difficult, but I'm happy to see that you are here and full of hope!

  2. Thanks, Niki. Having a supportive network has been essential to staying somewhat sane through all of this, but we're grateful to have one more opportunity at being bio parents.