Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The shot heard around the world. Well ,at least in our world

Today was the Nest’s first day of shots which will prepare her body for “sitting” on my eggs.

Giving yourself a shot isn’t easy, especially if you’re like the two of us, who are pretty needle phobic. Actually, I used to be needle phobic, but after six rounds of fertility shots (probably a total of at least 60 shots), I could jab my gut with a rug needle and not flinch.

Not so with the Nest.

So, she has enlisted the help of my best friend’s mom who is a nurse. Thank you so much my nurse mom for being part of this huge group of people trying to help us bring a child into our life (there are more, particularly, my mom, but that will wait for another entry).

To the “unmedically-oriented,” sticking a hypodermic into their own flesh is enough to make them pass out or require a strong drink or two prior to injection. And, at most fertility doctors’ offices you only get about 2-minutes worth of instructions of how to do it, if you’re lucky, which amazes me. It took me longer to learn how to make a grilled cheese and that doesn’t involve needles or pharmaceuticals. So, it’s a wonder that any of those fertility drugs make it into our bodies at all.

May the drugs that the Nest is injecting work their pharmaceutical magic and may she not be too freaked out about it!

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  1. Finally, after 2 hours, my computer literate husband was able to figure out a way to get on this blog ! I really wanted to post on Wednesday, but had no clue how to do it.
    The good news is that Wednesday the Nest received her first Leuprolide injection !!!! I the Nurse Mom, administered it while giving her instuction. We were both VERY excited. And, today, Thursday, the Nest did it all by herself without the slightest hesitation . What an amazing Nest !!!!!!!! The Nest will come tomorrow for one additional day of moral /medical support and then, if she feels comfortable, she will go it alone. Of course, I will be available if the Nest needs anything that I can help with at anytime.
    Nurse Mom