Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I bet the pilgrims weren't infertile

I am definitely not thankful for being infertile, but there are things that I am thankful for related to my infertility.  Let me explain:
  • I am thankful for a uber-supportive husband, who has never looked back or regretted all of his sperm collections, whiny wife from the fertility drugs, dozens of thousands of dollars spent, or anything else along this fertility journey.  He is also the reason that I strive to see the lighter side of infertility - his jokes and funny ways to look at things changed my perspective on this bumpy ride completely, and I will be forever grateful for that.
  • I am thankful for a family who has stayed at my side constantly throughout my ups and downs of trying to get pregnant, especially for my niece and nephew who thought (at 10- and 7- years of age) it was ridiculous that just because I'm not a mom I shouldn't have my own day, like Mother's Day, so they invented "Best Aunt Ever Day" in my honor.  For my mom, for connecting us with an amazing woman that we hoped would carry our last embryos to delivery (and many other things related to our GC)
  • For my friends who have listened to me vent, cry or scream, or just asked how I was doing.  For new friends who understand exactly what I'm going through and have offered friendship that I didn't know I needed, and, for those friends who haven't said a word, it made me find out who my true friends really are.
  • For the best fertility clinic anywhere, their care and concern has gone above and beyond any health professional I've ever met.
  • For late periods, for making me feel a twinge of hope
  • For follicle stimulating drugs, for giving me big boobs for a few weeks, even if they don't get me pregnant
  • For Dollar Store home pregnancy tests and ovulation detection sticks, they may look weird, or have instructions only in Spanish, but they're tons cheaper than even pharmacy-branded tests
  • For people like Linds@y L0han and  Britt@ny Spea@rs, for making me realize that hough I occasionally have a hormonally-induced rampage, I am still quite sane and normal
Thanksgiving marks the beginning of a tough time of year for infertiles.  The holiday season tends to revolve around children, and if you don't have any, it can pour salt in those wounds.  Getting x-mas cards with happy family photos of their 2.3 kids and end-of-year letters with news about Adian's first steps and Abigail's soccer goals, is enough to drive any infertile bonkers. 

Well, there is something that can help with those tough times.  It's a new infertility eclass, "Surviving the Hellidays" that starts on Monday.  You can check it out now:  Poke around and see what’s there.

Private class blog link:

Username: Hellidays

Password: SneakPeek

Happy Turkey Day!


  1. Here for ICLW.I think it's great that you can find good things in infertility. I love the alst though the best! I too was lucky to have a great husband and family who felt the pain for me/us. Have a happy thanksgiving.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my corner of the blogosphere!

    I love this post... the thankful side of IF. I know this road has certainly brought my Beloved and I closer together.

    If you haven't chosen a Creme de la Creme post, this one would be great!

  3. I'm thankful that we both were in Ms. Goodman's class 30 years ago... Happy Thanksgiving, Lulu! See you in a few weeks!

  4. Thanks for lifting my spirit with this post, it definitely made me smile.


  5. I bet the pilgrims would be proud of you. Because, like them, you took tough times and made them better for everyone involved. Happy Thanksgiving!