Sunday, November 29, 2009

Yet another Chinese fertility ritual

We spent Thanksgiving weekend in a city in midwest China where we saw the magnificent Terracotta Warriors, called the eighth wonder of the world.   And, I know now why - it was truly stunning.  Two thousand lifesize warriors that have been unearthed, rebuilt, and placed in attack formation -- and five thousand more that they haven't uncovered yet.  It's part of the first emperor of China's masoleum.  He wanted to take a mighty army with him into the afterlife.

While sightseeing around the city, we visited a very famous Buddist monastery/temple.  Upon entering most temples, the entrances are flanked by two lion statues - one male and one female.  The lion has one paw on top of a globe, symbolizing his power.  The lioness has her paw on a cub, and it's said that if a woman rubs the cub, it can help bring her children.

So guess what I did?

Yet another Chinese fertility ritual to try.  If it works, I will be importing some of these lioness' to the States and setting up clinics to "Rub the Cub" all over (yes, I realize that the phrase sounds somewhat pornographic, but that may also be my warped mind).

It seems weird to me that they have all of these fertility rituals, teas and herbs, etc. to help you get pregnant, yet they have a one-child per family policy still in effect.


  1. Oh - I love your zinger about the one child per family policy. So, so true!

    And after all the other things infertile have done and tried, I'm sure "Rub the Cub" would be a welcome alternative to try...

  2. I agree - what a wacked out irony about the one child policy!!

  3. If this works I'm booking a trip to China!