Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Infertility eClass - Surviving the Hellidays

Do something for yourself this holiday season, and sign up for this!

I have only had a few aha! moments going through the journey of infertility that has made me consider that maybe all of this is truly meant to be.  And, one of them was my first meeting with my friend Lily. I met her because she was the co-leader of our city's local Resolve chapter, and she contacted me to speak about the lighter side of infertility.  From our first phone conversation, I knew that I had more than infertilty in common with her.  She is a kindred spirit and a wonderful soul.  And one of the most clever and creative people I've ever met.

Enter her brilliant idea.  Through her Web site, The Infertile Mind, she and another blogger, Infertile Naomi, have put together an eclass on infertility to help us get through what they call the "hellidays", such an appropriate moniker.

Surviving the Hellidays - The Infertile's E-Class to Making the Holidays a little Brighter or at least more Bearable will be a private space where infertiles can use their creativity through weekly assignments to help deal their emotional ups and downs through struggle of trying to get pregnant.

Trust me.  This is something that you won't want to miss.  I'm going to partcipate, and can't wait.  Click on the above link to get some more information.  Sign ups start on Monday, Nov. 16.

Next post is about my conversation about infertility with a traditional Chinese medicine expert.  Watch out Western world, I'm bringing this knowledge to the infertile masses!  Fascinating stuff!

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  1. I can't wait for your next post, to hear what you've learned. Because I am on the fence about east-meets-west...but I am certainly doing my best to integrate the best I can. And I love that you posted about the Hellidays--I wouldnt have known about it otherwise. It sounds like something I might very much need--two newly pregnant sister-in-laws to see at both the holidays--whew.