Monday, November 16, 2009

The irony of my Chinese misdiagnosis

I realize that I still need to do a post about my conversation with the traditional Chinese medicine expert - and I will.  It's pretty valuable info for those of us who have tried everything else.  But, today I had a funny thing happen.

I have to get a special kind of visa for my one-year stint here in China, and with that, I had to get a medical exam at a Chinese immigration medical facility.  As one who has gone through the gammit of medical tests and procedures for fertility testing, it was quite a hilarious and unique process.  You go from room to room getting blood drawn, having your eyes checked, an ECG, lung x-ray and a myriad of other tests, along with the other "foreigners" who are there trying to get the same visa as you - men and women, changing into robes in the same room, and only a curtain between your bare chest and the next guy waiting in the chair in the room when they did some of the exams.  Actually, it was quite an efficient process - I had seven tests done in less than 50 minutes.

One of the exams was just a general "thumping on your abdomen" kinda thing, but when the doctor saw my scar from my surgery to remove some uterine cysts (which apparently have nothing to do with my infertility), she wanted to know more about it.  So, I tried to slowly explain that it was for the removal of some cysts.

My official exam report came today, and Jack Bauer and I cracked up at the only "anomaly" listed on the four pages of paperwork.  It said "hysterectomy." 

I haven't had a hysterectomy, but I may as well not have a uterus, since it doesn't do me any good.  In fact, it only brings me grief once a month, if that often.  And when my "grief" doesn't arrive every 28 days, every day I wonder if maybe, just maybe this is the time I'm actually pregnant. 

So, perhaps my Chinese diagnosis isn't too far from the truth.


  1. Thank you for sharing this heartfelt account of infertile irony. We've all been there...

  2. Hilarious!! I can picture you and JB reviewing the report and can almost hear his wonderful laugh... Miss you guys.