Monday, June 29, 2009

Favor, please

To all those TTC or those who have ever tried to conceive:

I have a favor. I am looking for some funny stories on the following topics:
1. Making Love and Making Babies are not the Same Thing - funny moments while trying to procreate. I've found that most of these moments are dictated by doctors, not by our own urges and that it stops being fun and starts being more like a chore.
2. Fun side effects from fertility drugs - everything from being tired to constipated to gaining weight and having bad skin and hair failing out (all of which happened to me)
3. Funny stories while going through an IVF or IUI cycle. For example, I did a strip tease in the hospital room before my egg retrieval for my husband before he went back to produce his half of our embryos.
4. Interesting coping mechanisms for not getting pregnant - drinking, eating sweets, buying something indulgent or other things that make us feel better when our procedures don't work.
5. Financial tales - I know someone who had a yard sale to pay for a fertility treatment; I buy HPTs at the Dollar Store, and we put most of our bills on our AmEx in order to get frequent flier points.

If you have a story or stories that fit in these categories, please let me know. Thanks! Email me at


  1. Hi Egg Factory,

    Thank for the email - will think about it!

  2. i am doing "focus groups" to pay for our huge bills (at 100$ a pop it helps a little).
    i have a great story about ivf and mistaken identity - but it is a long one.


  4. Not sure if this is what you're looking for (I have a dirty mouth), but people found it pretty funny. It's the not-so-pretty side of male factor infertility. :)

  5. Making love and making babies are definitely not the same thing but both can be completed within 60 seconds. :)

  6. ditto on the AmEx method of payment...right there!!