Sunday, June 7, 2009

Show and Tell - Where it All Began

Our first house. It was 1998, we were newlyweds and we lived in Atlanta. We used to scan the For Sale ads in the paper, scour neighborhoods for Open Houses on the weekends and dream of being able to buy a cute little house in a half-way decent area. We’d always go back to our apartment that was far from the cool part of town and be depressed thinking we could never afford any of the ones that we liked.

But, one fateful Sunday, we happened upon a darling, little bungalow. It was love at first sight. We didn’t even have a realtor, but through some number crunching figured out that we could just squeeze the mortgage payment for it.

Although it was only 950 square feet, it was our dream house. We loved it, adored it. It was the perfect place for us to start the next chapter of our lives together.

I love this photo because in the 11 years that I lived in Atlanta it only snowed three or four times – and the house looks magical to me.

Even after we moved away from Atlanta (some seven years ago), any time we’d go back, we’d stop by our house just to reminisce a little bit. However, I was back there last September and was shocked to see that our precious little bungalow had been leveled - and a McMansion was in its place.

But, I still think about that darling house where it all began.

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  1. If you'd asked me to guess where the photo was taken, Atlanta is about the last city I would have guessed!

  2. Sorry to hear your dream house got levelled! :O Pretty photo. Looks like a lovely place to have lived.

  3. what a beautiful home! i think the picture looks like a thomas kinkade painting, so beautiful.