Saturday, June 27, 2009

Trying Not to Obsess

So far, so good. The two peas still seem to be hanging out in the Nest’s pod. She said that she’s been a little tired the last few days. I’m not sure that she’d be tired this early into a pregnancy, but I’ll take that little nugget of info and run with it.

Honestly, I’ve been better than I thought about obsessing with the fact that this could actually be the time that works and that Jack Bauer and I could be parents in nine short months (after almost five years, nine months is nothing).

The most Jack and I have talked about the prospect of parenting this week is about potential boy names. If we have twin girls, we already have the names picked out, but the boy names have been harder. Our favorite name in the world has been given to our little boy in Vietnam (see end of posting for more details on that), so we need some new ones if these are XY embryos. But, I digress.

Monday was tough, but for some reason, every day has gotten a little bit easier not to completely obsess. I will admit though, it is a very surreal situation.

And, unlike my many blogging IF friends, the Nest will not be doing a home pregnancy test before her Beta which is still nine days away, though she did jokingly threaten that she was going to go to the Dollar Store and pick up ten tests and take one a day until she saw those magical two blue lines.

Perhaps a little known fact: those Dollar Store tests work. I only discovered them a year or so after a friend told me that the Dollar Store carries ovulation test kits. The ones I’ve used are much clunkier than the sleek and slender expensive brands (and they sometimes have instructions only in Spanish), but for me, if I was going to only see one line, I’d rather pay a dollar rather than $13. I figure I’ve taken no less than 20 HPTs in the last five years – think of the money I could’ve saved.

And, an update on our nonbio boy in Vietnam: Our hopefulness was short-lived. We received more troubling news this week that makes it less and less likely that we (or the 22 other families waiting for their babies) will get to ever bring him home. I’m about at my wit’s end on this situation, but that’s a whole other story.

After re-reading this posting, I realize that I should have titled it Random Thoughts. Sorry, I can blame lack of clarity due to lack of caffeine this morning – and a mind going in hundreds of directions.


  1. how exciting, i hope those peas decide to stick around, good luck!

  2. I also hope your peas stick around. I mean, come on, with the prospect of such trend setter parents like you and your hubby - who wouldn't want to be raised by you? :-)

    Sorry that the adoption piece of your life is not going well. How frustrating!


  3. I agree with no pee sticks, what's the point? At this point in my life I am not even sure if i want beta tests - just give me the u/s at 8 weeks and if we have life then we are pregnant, but, just alittle jaded i think.

    Sorry to hear about Vietnam, adopting is such a heart wrenching difficult process.

  4. I am glad the peas seem to be sticking around, and understand not wanting to use an hpt, and to instead just wait the extra few days for the betas.

    I am so sorry about the challenges you have been facing with the boy from Vietnam. It's so frustrating. You and Jack Bauer have so much love to give, and this child needs love, and why do they have to make things so difficult?