Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Maybe Baby

I got one of those phone calls today that I thought only happened in movies. One of those where you think all is lost only to find out that there’s now hope. Over the weekend, I explained our plight in trying to adopt our baby boy waiting for us in Vietnam.

Things have gone from bad to worse over the course of the last ten months and in April we learned that because of the continued issues surrounding our case, we’d probably get a letter from the U.S. State Department that our case would be denied. So, every day we come home expecting to see a letter with a certain Washington D.C. address, but thus far we still haven’t gotten one.

But, in a turn of events that I can only liken to being as much a miracle as me actually getting pregnant, things have suddenly turned up.

Part of the reason for the pending denial was the fact that they could not locate Nate’s birth mom (a requirement of the U.S. is having DNA proof that the person who drops off the babies at the clinics are actually their birth mother). They’ve been searching for her since Oct. 08 with no luck.

But, today we learned that they not only located his birth mom, they matched her DNA to Nate. It may not seem like big news, but it’s a huge step forward.

There are still some major hurdles to get over, but we have achieved a huge milestone – hope.


  1. I hope the good news continues:)

  2. Wow -- this seems like really important progress! I hope you get more and more good news and that this works out for you!