Wednesday, June 24, 2009

So Vogue

What do I have in common with Sarah Jessica Parker? Well, if you guessed having a dashingly handsome husband, you would be half right.

I never thought I’d have anything in common with SJP. I’m too cheap to don Manolos (I can’t walk very well in heels anyway and all my money has gone to the creation of offspring – bio and nonbio); I’ve never been considered fashion forward; and I’ve never been the lead in a stage production of Annie.

But, aside from our impeccable choice in men, I now have a huge thing in common with her. I, too, have a gestational carrier (though the press keeps calling hers a surrogate). Ms. Parker’s and Matthew Broderick’s (whom I have loved since War Games) carrier had twin girls on Monday afternoon. It’d be great if Jack Bauer and I could also have the “healthy twin birth” in common with the couple.

I’m sure that all the cool celebrities and trendy and stylish people will be following my and SJP’s lead. Mark my words, nine or ten months from now, there will be a rash of celebs announcing pending births when they have no baby bumps themselves.

Surrogates will be all the rage. And, I will be able to say that I was a trendsetter for once in my life. Yeah, the whole colored or patterned tights with cut-off jeans shorts and Birkenstocks movement I went through in college started and stopped with me alone. Don’t worry, I went to a liberal arts school, so I didn’t stick out that much.

Unlike SJP’s surrogate, I promised the Nest that the paparazzi wouldn’t go after her and that the police wouldn’t break into her house.

Speaking of the Nest, you have to check out her awesome blog at Her post from yesterday is hilarious.


  1. Yes, gestational carriers do seem to be all the rage, don't they... I just wish that critics realized the painful and emotional journey that leads people down the path to surrogacy, and that we would give anything to carry a child ourselves if we could.

    I have been using the word surrogate - is that a faux pas?

  2. Congrats on having something SO amazing in common with SJP! How exciting! Sending many prayers your and your GC!

  3. yes we are trend setting women - just wait till everyone will want to work with a GC (yes we do need to irradicated the surrogate word).

  4. Loving your humor, what a great post.
    Best wishes to you and your GC!


  5. According to our attorney, a surrogate is technically a woman who uses her eggs to help conceive the carried baby. A gestational carrier, however, has no genetic tie to the child - she's just the carrier with an embryo from a separate mother and father.

  6. What a great post! I'm sure that when the history books look back at the start of the gestational carrier trend your name will be right up there with SJP!


  7. LOL...Well we shall remember you as the trailblazer indeed! And I am glad the SJP's struggle and then-solution will do something positive regarding the use of 'surrogates', as the media calls it!

    Good Luck with everything... response to the really sweet comment you left on my blog...

    well, it would be nice to get Google Analytics track the blog traffic...if for nothing then, plain humour!

  8. "Gestational surrogate" is the same as "gestational carrier", just with a bit nicer ring, in my opinion. If all a person did was "carry" a baby, they wouldn't get all the love/care/good healthy start that they do from gestational surrogates.

  9. Wow! Good luck!! :) Happy ICLW