Sunday, June 21, 2009

Is today Father's Day for Jack Bauer?

This morning, our wonderful fertility doctor transferred two beautiful thawed embryos (an 8-cell and a 12-cell) into the Nest’s “playpen,” as he called it. What a fun place – she had it decked out with comfy blankets, toys and snacks. So, now the waiting begins again. Play nice, kiddos.

Earlier this week, I mentioned that it had to be fate that our transfer day is Father’s Day (I barely remember the dates or the months for the three transfers that I went through), doesn’t that give those embies a little extra boost knowing they have a daddy waiting for them? Sure, Jack Bauer has an important role breaking up terrorist cells, advising the President on global security issues and decoding nuclear devices, but he’s also a pretty amazing guy (please don’t get a big head, Jack) with awesome daddy potential.

I think you can tell a lot about how a guy would act as a dad by watching him interact with your pets. Jack makes up funny songs about the dog and cats (usually it’s a Journey or Bon Jovi song with new lyrics), cleans up cat vomit (usually after he found it with his bare foot), beams with pride when the dog learns a new trick or doesn’t eat her own poo, breaks up fights, and pets, plays and loves on them several times a day. If that’s not a daddy waiting to happen, I don’t know who is.

I’d love it if next Father’s Day, I’m in the kitchen trying not to burn the toast and Jack’s sitting on the couch reading the newspaper to our 3-month old twins and 30-month old nonbio baby boy while singing them a song about tooting and burping to the tune of “You Give Love a Bad Name.”

Happy Father’s Day to all dads (especially my own), bio dads and nonbio dads, and hopeful dads.


  1. I've been thinking of the Nest, you both and the totsicles all morning. So glad things went well.

    Your dream for next Father's Day is making me cry... I'm offering up my own prayers that I'll be able to watch video clip of that exact scene in a year...

    Love you guys!

  2. My husband is a fan of creating his own songs as well!!!
    Hope the embies snuggle in nice and neat in the nest!!!!

  3. What a perfect day for a transfer!! Fingers crossed that you get that big fat positive! I'll definately be following along!


  4. Sounds like the transfer went well - and a wonderful sign that it took place on father's day. Jack Bauer is, like, total father material (and you are total mommy material), and I very much hope that you will have little one(s) this time next year.

  5. Good luck to your little ones!


  6. Second that! Happy Fathers day to all men who are and will be wonderful dads.

  7. You are right about men and how they act with pets, especially when they have to clean up their poo ;)

    All the best to you both!


  8. Thanks for all the well wishes!